Contact Combat is an attentive and purposeful coalescence of Krav Maga, Defensive Tactics, Boxing, wrestling, and athletic performance training, culminating in a self protection program for those interested in living a better and safer life. The curriculum is progressive and dynamic, in the way realistic self defence was meant to be. While others remain rooted in traditional outdated movements, we continue to test everything we do, in order to make sure what we offer is the best training available.


1. WE TRAIN FIRST AND FOREMOST FOR STREET SELF-DEFENCE. We train to be effective in the street environment, then make adjustments to the training for students who wish to enter sporting competitions. Not the other way around.


2. WE TRAIN WITH PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE. A real attacker is going to resist your effort 100%. If you want to learn how to fight, you have to practice fighting against someone who is fighting back. Progressive resistance allows everyone, regardless of experience, to do this in a safe, fun training environment.


3. WE TRAIN AS COMPLETE SELF-DEFENCE ATHLETES. We train to be prepared for almost any situation: all the ranges (standing, clinch, ground), multiple opponents, weaponry and a variety of environments. We want each student to actually train in as many self-defence scenarios as possible. If a student gets into a bad situation he will already have experience in that particular situation.


4. WE KEEP TRAINING FUN! I am planning to train for the rest of my life, and I assume that my students will do the same. If we are going to spend this much time working on developing functional skills, we should be having fun doing it. If we are training for self-defence, we should work very hard at times, but it should not be a big grind. The training sessions should be so enjoyable that we look forward to each class.